First Time Home Buyers: Tread Lightly

Australia is known for its housing affordability dilemma. For buyers, it’s important to know that housing affordability is different from affordable housing. With the buyers not having the same access to social housing, it could be difficult. It’s highly suggested for a first-time home buyer to tread lightly when buying a house. An impulsive buyer consulting a first home builder Perth has these days can have a “housing stress” if they make rash decisions. More information first hime bhilder perth

Pinching your purse too tight or too loose won’t do you good most of the time. In capital cities like Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane, the housing market is extremely competitive. Many buying mistakes are being made by first home buyers builders Perth has today.

Educating yourself about managing your finance as a home buyer could help you avoid pitfalls. Moreover, savings is just a factor in the bigger umbrella that is your finances.

Consider legal advice specializing in first-time buyers

If you’re a first-time buyer, legal advice is essential. It can help you avoid making mistakes about spending that could lead to terrible consequences. Some housing agencies today have a financial counselor. A first home builder Perth has these days like B1 Homes has an in-house loan team–they give free consultation specifically for first-time home buying. Visit at B1 Homes

What are some of the basic topics that need to be discussed?

  • Your savings plan – If you’re just starting on saving up for buying a property, you can ask tips on how to save money for buying a home. Saving money takes time and an enormous amount of discipline. You will be asked about your lifestyle and income.
  • Home loan application – You can ask help from your legal advisor about preparing the necessary information needed in a home loan application’s interview. Few of them are your credit history and your genuine savings.
  • Stamp duty – Stamp duty is a transaction payment for the government if you’re transferring properties. When asking about stamp duty, make sure you’re in your target property’s state. Each state in Australia has different policies about stamp duty.
  • Lender employment policies – If you’re still on probation, some lenders won’t lend you loans. Ask your lawyer to refer to you a considerate mortgage broker who offers packages that can suit you.

Start looking around properties

This is the stage where you assess if what you had in mind is possible. You may have imagined a glamorous turnkey home in your area, but it’s better to keep an open mind. The first homebuyers display homes Perth has these days might have the essential amenities that you really need but haven’t thought about. Most of the first home buyers display homes Perth has these days are unconventional but surprisingly practical. An example is a smartly designed terrace style home that has three bedrooms. Practical, but innovative.

Meanwhile, if you still have zero ideas about your dream house, here are some of the qualities you must look for during a display by a ffirst home builder Perth has nowadays:

  • Space – Are you planning to have a family or do you already have one? Do you want to add a garden in the near future? It’s important to look ahead.
  • Investment quality – Always look at a property from two perspectives: as a homeowner and as a smart investor. Buying a house shouldn’t be only suitable for living, it should also have a potential for resale.
  • Beautiful inside and out – A curb appeal may be great, but how about the interior design? Make sure to look inside a property and watch out for dysfunctional home amenities.
  • A decent driveway – One of the most important amenities of a home. Check if the driveway has potholes and cracks. A repair will cost you cash—you wouldn’t want that, do you?
  • Able systems – Another crucial quality of a home. Check for working electrical systems, plumbing, and malfunctioning fixtures.

When buying a home, keep in mind that this is your first, important investment. Being wise and careful about it would be the best step towards having something to thank for in the future.