Home Improvement Tips: Ideas for Walls and Steps to Your Patio


When it comes to designing your patio, the small details count. Therefore, you need to hire expert builders such as those from Perth Better Homes if you want to give it the desired finishing touches. One of the best ways to transform your patio is by adding walls and steps to your outdoor space. Read on below to find out ways in which you can incorporate them into the final design.

Patio Walls

There are several reasons behind installing a wall in your patio. The first and most obvious reason to install one is to create a definition of space in your yard. At the same time, the enclosure can make your patio feel more like an extension of your home’s interior space. The use of walls can also provide you that much needed privacy if you want to be able to relax away from the peering eyes of your neighbors. Finally, a patio wall is recommended by patio builders Perth WA currently has to provide an additional place for outdoor lighting installation. All of these combine to making walls a great and valuable addition to your patio.

When planning the design of your walls with the aid of experts on outdoor patios Perth has, make sure it enhances the current design of your patio. This will make the wall a seamless addition to this outdoor space rather than interrupt the natural flow of the design. But aside from the aesthetic purpose, a wall can also provide visual cues for the different elements of your patio. For example, adding a wall to the entrance of the patio can prompt people that there is a looming elevation change. From a design perspective, building a patio wall can greatly enhance the visual appearance of your outdoor space but it can also serve a purpose.

Patio Steps

When deciding if you need to add patio steps with the help of Perth Better Homes builders, there are two factors to keep in mind. First, there should be a difference in elevation of about 3 inches from the surface of the patio to areas outside of the patio. Second, any change in elevation, whether the patio is higher or lower than the rest of your backyard, would require the installation of steps.

Safety should be your number one priority when it comes to building steps for your patio. Hence, it is recommended that you hire expert patio builders Perth has since they have the know-how to get the job done right. To ensure safety of your steps, you need to invest in the highest quality materials and must follow proper building codes. As for the design, you can choose from many styles of steps. Common options include curved, stone, brick or straight steps; your choice will be depending on what kind of style you wish to achieve.

There are plenty of design options available if you want to add steps and walls to your patio. You can use the recommendations above or seek personalized consultation with Perth Better Homes, one of the city’s most reliable contractors specializing in building patios. For more information, you can visit their website at http://www.perthbetterhomes.com.au.

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