What a Homebuyer Expects From a Reputable Real Estate Agent

What a Homebuyer Expects From a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Buying a home may sound easy but it may not be as easy as some people find it to be without involving a real estate agent. Real estate agents are not only important when selling a home but also when buying a home. A home-buying process can be quite tricky and daunting especially to the first-time home buyers. However, there are some things that a good real estate agent Canberra has today would do to make the process easier for the buyer. Here is the help a real estate agent would offer a homebuyer:


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Finding the right home

You may have enough money to buy a beautiful and expensive home, but finding that home could be a great challenge. House hunting is considered one of the tiring processes one can engage. Remember, you don’t just want any home as long as it’s listed. You want a home that meets your dream in terms of proximity to schools, medical facilities, and with the best neighborhood and location. A professional real estate agent Canberra has to offer knows how to get options that match the buyer’s expectations.

Negotiate an offer

Negotiating for the best home-buying price is among the biggest perks of working closely with a real estate agent. A good negotiator won’t attempt to buy a home before they know its value. The agent will first seek to know the type of a home you are looking for and then analyze its value on your behalf. The real estate agent in Canberra would then guide you on the initial buying offer you should make. When the seller responds to your offer, your agent would negotiate with the seller to secure the best price possible.

Get you a competent home inspection expert

Before you pay for the house, you should ensure it is thoroughly inspected. Most homebuyers want to buy a home with all the systems and inbuilt facilities intact. Some of the things that should be inspected when buying a home include lead paint, water drainage system, mold, electrical system, plumbing system and roofing system among others. Getting a professional home inspector would require you to get several references from a reputable Canberra real estate agent.

Negotiate any repair after home inspection

After the home inspection process is over, the inspector would make some repair requests. In fact, an experienced real estate agent Canberra has to offer would use the requested repairs for further negotiations. A real estate agent should know how the requested repairs affect the home’s value. The agent would further seek to know if the home seller would meet the repair requests or if they would leave it to the buyer. If the seller wants to delegate the requested repair work to the buyer, the agent would negotiate for further price reduction.

Buyers usually have high expectations from their real estate agents when buying a home. They do so because buying a home is probably the biggest investment they ever did in life. So the best real estate agent in Canberra you get should not only be your business partner, but also a trusted friend. A real estate agent knows everything about the honest and shoddy deals that mess up most first-time homebuyers during the home-buying process.