Самодельные мангалы:

Mangal Is Improvised

Тонкостенный мангалIt, like any brick building, is on the foundation. The main advantage of such a design in its durability. By appearance, a brick manhal usually resembles the oven, but his design may be more original. It depends on the fantasy and the host budget.

Stationary footman from the plague

Despite the durability of the brick, most of the Gurmans prefer metal models. For example, a stationary iron mongeal has a lot of dignity.

  • First, he has sufficiently thick walls and resists corrosion, which means he will serve for at least ten years.
  • Secondly, the iron is warmed up quickly and equilibriumly and has great heat transfer. As a result, meat is prepared quickly and produced unusually delicious
  • Thirdly, such a mangall could be a real decoration of your precinct if it was stolen by a stolen ornament.

Do you have any flaws? One, perhaps. The price is high enough, but it's not the season. Over the years, the money spent on the purchase of a foreign mangal will be repaid.

Portable metal manhales

Unlike fixed manhales, portable manhales can be collected, handled and transported in the trunk of a car. It's cheaper, but it won't last long. They're usually made from a sheet steel or aluminium. If you're planning to purchase a portable mangall, you're gonna have to choose between his mobility and debt. The tighter the structure walls, the easier it is, of course, easier and cheaper.

Переносной мангалTransport metal manhales Deal with:

  • thinners;
  • fat.

Metal manhales

The thin structure makes steel or aluminium leaflets thin (up to three millimetres thick). They have small weight, mobiles, cheap.

Such models are in turn:

  • Warehouses;
  • I've got to go.

The construction of warehouse metal manhals resembles the smooth board, the legs in them being placed under the bottom of the box. You need to use that mangall very carefully because it's fragile.

Smart metal manhal is otherwise called a mangal-diplomat. He got his name for a match with a man's rectangular briefcase. The legs and walls of this shoe preparation device shall be placed in the drawer after use. He's the reason for attaching all the details.

All of the thinning metal manhals have one significant disadvantage: they are not intended for flooding. On the open flames, the thin layer of metal will burn fast. There's already scattered coals in them. Nor are such mangalls for long use. It's better to buy them for picnics on nature.

Мангал Мангал из кирпича Толстостенный мангал Мангал из бочки
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