Печь-барбекю из кирпича своими

Mangal Barbecue With His Hands

Meat, fish, vegetables prepared by their hands in the furnace barbecue have impressive taste and special flavor. It's not hard to put the kiln barbecue out, respecting the necessary furnace technology. We've prepared a detailed manual for you with drawings and procedures so that you can put it on your own.

E. Goodkov's bakery is well integrated into one design, two functions, grill barbecue and a cooking stove.


For the foundation, it is sufficient to apply concrete strength to the B15 compression (M200). It can be prepared with respect to the proportion:

  1. Cement M 400 is part one.
  2. The shield or gravel, which shall be smaller than 30 mm - 4 parts.
  3. The sand is two parts.

The sand additives of clay, organic particles, salivas, and dusty circuits shall be not more than 10 per cent of their volume. In a large filler (graves, cheeks), the amount of impurities that reduce the strength of the concrete must be less than 2 per cent.

Calculation of concrete by weight per m3:

  • cement 325 kg;
  • Sand - 1,300 kg;
  • - 1,300 kg;
  • Water 205 kg.


For the building of the foundation, a grid of Class AIII fixtures shall be taken.


  • (for the sealing of the concrete);
  • Truck (small) protected by metal;
  • Truck (round) with two hands;
  • Tramboat (quadron), bottom-to-metal;
  • Bladder (to equalize the concrete);
  • (for the removal of cement milk);
  • semi-terrestrial;
  • board (for venting);
  • Kelma;
  • The shovel is the straight cut;
  • Blade is the sharp bottom;
  • A scapula for solution.

Packing of concrete mixture

A well-founded and built-in foundation is a guarantee of the strength and durability of the whole structure. It's very important to know what the ground would be for the furnace. Sufficiently dense soil can contain the barbecue furnace. But there are underwater stones that need to be known.

There are soils that can change their volume due to simulated or reduced temperature. These are flooding glinist, sludge and soluble salts, watered (measuring ice increases groundwater), with biological particles (torf) etc. These soils require special measures to strengthen them.

The marking of the future foundation can be done by putting the rabies on the wheels. The size of the pit for the sandbag is taken by the base plate size (160x120 cm). As the furnace barbecue is on the street, the ground will be frozen and emptied during the winter period. Depending on the soil type, the depth of the sandbag can reach 1,000 mm.

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