Летняя беседка с мангалом и

Nice Talking To The Barbecue Mangall

Красивая кирпичная печьIt's no secret that men from all the dishes always pick meat. Aromat shuffle, appetite steak, wrapped in a grilled chicken, don't leave anyone indifferent. And the most delicious thing always seems to be the dishes prepared by their hands with a warm summer night in a company of close people.

The preparation of meals on portable mangala, which becomes impossible in the wind or rainy weather, will never be compared to the process of creating an ideal dish in its own barbecue, as set out in a convenient and comfortable conversation. Can I do it with my hands?

Стационарная печьWhat should be taken into account in the construction of a barbecue conversation?

There are several basic rules that will help to create an ideal place for summer rest:

  • The barbecue conversation should not be too close to the main house, so that the smoke and the smell of cooking do not enter the living room, but not too far to be able to carry the necessary items.
  • Fire safety rules must be observed, the conversation must be long enough to have a distance from barbecue to walls of at least 1 metre and a distance from the wall to the open fire of at least 3.
  • It's important to make designs that size so that the furnace doesn't fall in the rain and wet.
  • For the same reason, the barbecue foundation must be a strong, sufficient height so that the glin and sands of its composition do not wet the groundwater.
  • The floor shall be made of non-combustible material and the branches over the smoke shall be cut.

Barbecue species

All types of cooking furnaces and cooking devices in the interview can be divided according to:

  • Stationary
  • Portable.

Let's see the most popular options.

Stationary kilns are made from baseball, clay, natural stone or brick. While building them requires foundation, it is not very difficult to make them. with your hands.♪ It is a long and reliable construction that can produce a large number of different dishes.

Переносной мангал Схема строительства барбекю из кирпича Классическая беседка с решеткой Беседка на основательном фундаменте

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