Купить Мангал барбекю, печи

Manhala Garden Kilns

Full-time recreation on nature is just not thought without aromatic dishes on open fire. For these purposes, it will be necessary to set points at a time. What options exist for this elementary design can be found from this material. The question was as to where and how to place the mangall in the day.

Place for garden oven and hawk

Many do not see long-term rest without a shashl or barbecue ritual, a natural food-making area is an important element of the garden, it is worth paying special attention to it. Such a zone, of course, is impossible without a mangal on the precinct. Ready on the open fire attracts many people, most Russians are common and bread-free people. The place for a mangala in the day must be easy to accommodate guests and masters there with comfort, a convenient approach to the garden oven, barbecue or mangalu, and the process of preparing food was pleasant. The joint trape is the best recreation on nature.

Rest areas with food preparation devices are as diverse as gardens themselves.

Often, in the modern garden, there are several recreational areas where the mangal garden oven is established.

We'll try to define the terms first.

Rest areas with food preparation devices:

  • The pavilion or conversational barbecue is large enough;
  • A terrace that connects the house with the garden, or a green pergola adjacent to the facade of the house;
  • patio, washed area;
  • It's just a bench placed near a mangal or an astronaut with a champoo or bar.

Barbecue is the way to produce food (mostly meat) on the heat of the glue, and it is also the name of the meal and equipment used for this purpose, as well as the name of the food production in this way. The term is spread in the U.S. and close to Russia ' s traditional shashl, and now barbecue is often cooked in Russia.

The barbecue is a product-making technique that replicates at 100 to 120 °C. Besides meat, they cook fish, birds, vegetables, fruits, desserts, even fries bread.

Can you believe that barbecue and recreation zone is the same?

The analogue of the garden recreational area can be considered a living room in the house, a barbecue zone is more of a dining room combined with a kitchen filled with cozy garden furniture and equipped with a manga or barbecue.

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