Шампура – Самокруты 7 шампуров


No memorable recreation on nature can be done without the preparation of meat dishes on the open fire. With this rest, many have problems finding a place to build a fire and set it up, spending a lot of time building an improvised barbecue out of hand-helds. This process delayes the time of fun and often complicates, and even undermines, in the event of failure. To avoid these kinds of troubles, it's best to buy a mangall and make some nice meals.

We'll find a wide range of options at the lowest prices. We offer our customers only good-quality gift manhales based on long-standing traditions of cooking science, technological innovations and modern design ideas. Mangal production and sale is one of the most important activities of our company. Every customer can get the skilled help of our professionals when they buy. We're always happy to help you make the right choice!

Manga Hotel (base kit)

Today, on sale, 20 per cent for pink:
Diarrhoids: 700*350*650 9.074 rubles.
Diarrhoids: 800*350*750 10.374 rubles.
Diarrhoids: 900x400x850mm 12.064 rubles.


Photo Name Base, rub.
750mm vertical and champura installation 5044
850mm vertical and champura installation 5291
950mm vertical and champura installation 5518, 5
1050 mm vertical and shampoo 5941

Large installations

Installation of "Three Porace" 32331
Installation of "BARA" 43784

If you've already got a handful, make a nice and useful gift to your friends.

Every device is well-designed, comfortable in operation and highly reliable. We're working to make your vacation more bright, nice and rememberable.

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