Как сделать печь для шашлыков

Photo Barbecue From A Brick Of Mangalls With Pork

Brick barbecue stove (photo):
The barbecue from the TRIO brick.

  • Dimension (HCH, m):
    2, 60 x 2, 80 x 0, 65 m;
    Reason (ShH, cm):
  • Weight: 1950 kg (+/-3%)
  • done in the Russians
  • Price: 330000 264000 shirts.
    20 percent!
    Yes! It's the price of barbecue from brick to key!

Examples of our products in Moscow
You can see:

Tri Keith Trade Complex. The following models of garden fixed barbecue are presented: Trio, Dobra, Nostalgi, Lada-601, Grand, Picnik, Prestige, and 2 models of cattle fields.
The garden barbecue is located on the street, right from the main entrance.
Train: Mojay Highway, 2 km from CIDA to the area.

Furniture Commercial Complex Grand.
The following barbecue furnaces are presented: Trio, Lada-601, Grand Coal, Dobra, Nostalgi, Picnik, Dashka, and 2 fire fields models.
The barbecue is located in two places on the open site before the complex.
Train: Leningrad Highway, 100 m from the CID to the area.

XL Trade Centre
The following garden barbecues are presented: Picnic, Prestige, Gracia, Daughter.
Train: Jaroslava Highway, 1, 5 km from CIDA to the area.

TC Syndication
The following brick furnaces and barbecue are presented: Grand, Prestige, Daughter Country.
Train: 65 km outside the IKAD.

C-Rauta - Novin
The following barbecue and brick kilns are presented:
Lada-601, Prestige, Daughter.
Train: Mr. Mouse, Ul. Peace, possession 42, building 1.

TC Designer - Novin
Submitted by the following barbecue:

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