Фото кирпичных мангалов своими

The Picture Of Bricks

As beautiful and comfortable as there was no home of the day, the summer life of his inhabitants takes place near a conversation with a mangale.

It's not a good time to talk, play with the kids, and buy friends with the culinary masters of their own production.

A simple conversation with a handful is built in a few days, and its cost is unreasonable even with modest family income. There are no architectural designs and decorations.

Many owners therefore turn this building into a test polygon to test original design decisions.

We'll try not to miss any interesting version of the Mangal Talks. We hope that homeworkers will receive good food for thought and useful practical advice for construction by reading this article.

How do we talk to the mangall?

Constructively, any conversation is a normal hinge on brick, wood or metal poles. The floor shall form a concrete stretch or a thrilled saturation fixed on a wooden frame.

The most responsible part of the building is the roof. Metals or wood can be used to collect its carrying carcas. The roof of a polycarbonate conversation, a metal or a battered turtle. There are fewer options with a cane, straw or wooden race.

If you intend to build Talking to the mangall. With your hands, without experience in blood work, choose the simplest design. This is one or two-sized wooden roof, which relies on four, six or eight pillars (the number of supports depends on the size of the conversation).

Introducing a plan of action for a home master, we will move on to the specific design options and the use of different materials for the construction.

Examples of design solutions for manangular conversations

The simplest option in implementation and the most estetic design option is a conversation with a barbecue collected from metal line pipes. As a coating, it's best to use a profnastic or a metal nozzle. They've got enough rusty to get out of the ply or OSB stove. The steel-produced coating to the bar is simple and fast, the cuts are straight into the profile.

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