Размеры мангала для шашлыка

Dimensions Of Shoe

Размер мангала для шашлыка из металлаA private house or a gift can't be imagined without a mangala, because the shuffle is perhaps the favourite dish of many people. And by fixing a metal shuffle, the size of the metal is not the last.

Design types

All mangalls are divided into two large categories: stationary and mobile. Mobile designs can be disassembled, which allows the mangall to be assembled and stored in the shed or in the attic. Some models are equipped with wheels that can easily transport the whole structure from the field to the ground.

Stationary manhales are bigger and larger. It's not possible to move them to another location, but it's better to predetermine the location.

Some complexes are included not only in heat but also in a place to secure the casane, table and sink with the piped pipe. In fact, it's a full kitchen under the open sky.

The size of the gang must be such that the shuffle can easily use it. The design height shall normally be up to one metre. It's possible, without leaning, to turn the schampura and the gril bar.

Portable tourist manhales (constructions that can often be seen at natural extractions) can be slightly lower, to 70 cm.

Размер мангала для шашлыка из металлаAs for the length of the mangal, you have to count on how many people you usually cook. The schampurs shall have a distance of 7 to 10 cm, which allows for the best possible fire of the meat that has been served on them. In general, for a statistical medium company, a manangal length of up to one metre is sufficient.

If the length of the mangal is longer, it may be somewhat uncomfortable:

  • You won't be able to turn the schampura in one place. You'll have to walk along the structure all the time.
  • a large amount of coal will be required for the cat. If you need to fire a small company shuffle, it'll be too much. In addition, it is difficult to ensure uniform fire in large areas.

The width of all mangalls is almost identical and is 30 to 40 cm. It's related to the standard size of the champoos and bars.

The cup depth is usually 20 cm. It's enough to put a sufficient amount of coal, but make sure there's a small distance (about 7 cm) between them and meat. If the distance is too large, the meat may not lean, and if it's very small, the shuffle may burn.

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