печной комплекс из кирпича

Barbecue Street Records

We've got a guest on Rusie before, who's in the oven, all on the sword table.
Russian Ambassador

The barbecue of the owners of the country cottages and the glimpse are gaining a growing popularity. The multifunctional furnaces that we offer can be equipped with a spiritual, barrel, pork, coptile, Russian or Pompey furnace, a comfortable bottom of firewood, a working table, a washing, a couch, and even a leather. Words that only the soul wants.

We are prepared to translate your dream into reality and put a barbecue furnace or a garden mushroom fire on an individual project. Choose from a great variety of barbecue furnaces what you like, and then every picnic of your friends will become a holiday.

Would you like to ask a question about the liver?
Call! You'll be answered by experienced liver






DARNING! The consulting furnace may be engaged in a furnace or other useful work, and may be outside the mob. Try to ask substantive questions.

For preliminary cost discussions Your garden furnace barbecue calls our masters or fill out a simple application form.

To determine the exact (estimated) value Work on the barbecue garden furnace and the materials on it, see how the work is done.

Work on any points starts with a project that develops the style, nature and image of the future construction.

Barbecue furnaces are as diverse as the Kamin styles: Russian, Swedish, Italian, cathotic, vanguard and others.

Storage complex Photo gallery

Video "Mangal in conversation"

Video "Beresca Furnish Complex."

Video "Translation of the Carbon Furnace Barbecue in Talk."

The design features of the multifunctional pamphlets and the interviews are subject to the purpose and functions that can be divided into three groups:

oven: pork, oven, copycat;

- Barbecue: Mangal, steaks, rotor;

- Sanitation zone: dining table, washing, buffet, thermos.

In the garden mushroom, the fire can be used not only by bricks, but also by natural stones of different sizes and forms that will give barbecue the original shape and style design.

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