мангал из баллона

How To Make A Gas Cylinder Manhal

gb1The gas cylinder smear will be quick to turn normal natural recreation into an unforgettable period of reproducing, occupied lungs and smearing smoke and the taste of coal-fed meat. It's not necessary to spend a huge amount of money and to spend time searching for a suitable mangal model that can be done on its own.

A variety of pleasures: what kind of mangales are

Today, the following types of designs are produced for meat on coal:

  • portable;
  • fixed, placed, directly on the foundation.

The appearance of the mangal may be any, from a normal rigid box, to the work of the art that belongs to the exhibition. It's not difficult to make a mangall from a gas cylinder, as today there is a variety of drawings on the Internet offering the most beautiful variations on the subject.

Typically, it uses heat-resistant and simultaneous beautiful materials - brick, metal and stones. It's got its thinness.gb2 By choosing between the proposed options, preference is for those that can very well hold heat. The gas cart from the gas cylinder with its own hands, the video will help visualize the entire process of creating a mangal, from the design of the project to the fried shash.

Mentals based on simple gas cylinders deserve special recognition and popularity. This is primarily due to low cost. The costs of production will be minimal, especially when all tools are available. If you have to be careful and a little fantasy, creative, it's not just a decoration of the garden, but a real pride of the owners.

Necessary tools to launch the Mangal:

  • weld;
  • Drelle;
  • A Bulgarian.


  • 50 litres gas cylinder;
  • metal tube;
  • Aluminium caps;
  • steel loops.

Free time will take, literally, 1-2 days.

Important: safety during work

The gas cylinder mangall with its hands is simple, but safety equipment must be observed during this process. Let it be known in advance that the cylinder is empty, but it will not be necessary to make sure that it is simply necessary to turn the valve back to a standstill and wait literally 10 minutes. In that time, we can rest or think of a plan for further action.

The manufacture of a gas cylinder in the first stages requires a vapour operation, as after the entire gas balance (or condensate) comes out, we need to pour water into the cylinder, then weep the valve and then wet the water. Well, as far as possible from the place where the stitches will eventually be prepared.

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