Камин в дачном доме

How To Make The Fire With Your Hands

Типы каминов в зависимости от типа устройства

Brick stones: constructive features

Most of them are chosen for cottage, grooms and country houses.

The bricks are long, strong, fire-resistant and simple. In addition, the design material used allows for any form.

The fireplace is divided into:

  • Living;
  • Coal;
  • built;
  • streets.

Depending on the type of device:

  • with an open or closed fuel cell,
  • Air or water heating.
Types of fireplace according to type of device

On their appointment, they shall:

  • Traditional;
  • gardens;
  • Decorative;
  • The kilns.

Brick fire

In order to figure out how to build a fireplace, you will first consider its elements. It has a complex enough device:

Device of fire
  • a is the smoke chamber, its function is to collect the combustion products and remove them through the smoke;
  • B is the fireplace;
  • - the portal;
  • g is the exact chamber where the fuel burns directly;
  • d = underground regiment;
  • e - wood.

The brick cam is built with its own hands to perform the following functions:

  • for heating the premises;
  • as a decorative element;
  • to make food.

Устройство каминаIn each individual project these functions may be combined or used separately.

Cameras with your hands. and design

First, we need to prepare a draft of a brick fire. Determined with size and shape, base any model decision and adapt it to your room. Don't ignore this stage because it will give you an accurate understanding of the whole process.

The design and layout will allow the calculation of the required number of bricks and bundles. It usually works for each row other than the baseball.

Traditional fireplace

That's the best way to start. It will require very little material, however, such a design will provide a good heating for a room up to 35 square metres.

The traditional Shadow of the Foto traditional fireplace

Схема традиционного каминаFor the hall, it can be built up higher, the shelf can be painted by different elements. In the modern architecture of private houses, village styles are often used.

Village fire

It may also be arranged separately without mounting it from the wall. This makes it possible to highlight his decorative characteristics.

Photo of the individual fire

Or, in order to save space, put it in the wall.

Camin in built photo

Calculation of angular: diagrams and photographs

Coalcamine usually saves space, so it is often located in small lounges or bedrooms. The order is given below.

Carbon fire map

The opening may be open or closed.

Carbon fire with closed top

Modified version is a angular orchard with a furnace very comfortable for delivery. This building has not only a functional function, it will also steal the backbone. Under this scheme, it can be installed in both the streets and the private house.

Coal kiln diagram of Foto angular kiln

The ease diagram is modeled according to your needs. And it's easy to adjust to create a beautiful summer kitchen.

Standard kiln
Фото традиционного камина Фото камина в деревенском стиле Фото камина отдельностоящего Камин встроенный фото
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