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Internet Mangal And Barbecue

Печь-барбекю пикник БО-7Garden complex with grill.

Price 59500 cuts

59500 roubles

The barbecue picnic for BB-7.

Height: 245 cm

Width - 150 cm

Deep is 90 cm.

The base of the foundation plate (SHD) is not less than 60x132 cm.

Weight is 670 kg.

Схема монтажа печиComplexation: BO-7 furnace barbecue, non-removable product (gril), champoo and barbecue frame, grill care kit.

Type of fuel: wood and coal.

B-7 picnic is one of the most popular models using coal and wood fuel.

The barbecue was produced in Russia and high-quality materials were used for its manufacture. The openings of the side walls of the barbecue grill make it possible to install a rotary.

Barbecue furnace video surveillance

Specially for you, we're filming the liver to make it easier for you to understand what they are and how they are built. You can see the video below, just press it.

Юлия Богданов, консультантHow does this oven fit?

This blade, mounting shall be done by assembly and attachment of the blocks to the mixture, detailed instructions for the installation of the furnace and all assembly materials shall be placed in the unit. An example of the installation of such a furnace is presented below in the picture. You can do it on your own, or it will be done by our specialists. If you have any questions, the manager of our store will answer them.

Оксана Ильина, консультантWhat should be the foundation for this oven?

The fire must be built on the foundation. The structure of the foundation is presented below, the dimensions of the base for the furnace at least: a=600 mm, b=1320 mm. On all matters of interest to you, you can contact our managers.


We can deliver this. barbecue furnace Moscow and Moscow. The cost of delivery needs to be clarified by the manager. We also deliver these furnaces throughout Russia to transport companies, the cost of such delivery needs to be specified by our manager on the phone, or you can count on the transport company website on your own.


When you deliver Moscow and province, you can pay the courier in cash. Payments to the regions are made in cash for legal persons or on receipt for natural persons. The receipt or the account will write our store manager after you agree and complete the answers to all the questions.

Андрей Гусев, логист Максим Мельчиков, руководитель интернет-магазина
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