Садовые печи с мангалом и

Mangal And Barbecue Stoves

Sad Barbecue provides services for the delivery and installation of barbecue furnaces for our clients.

I. Доставка в Москве и Московской Области

Delivery in Moscow, Moscow Region

The cost of delivery is:

  • 3,000 roubles delivered within Moscow
  • + 40 roubles per kilometre from CAD
  • + 1,000 roubles of unloading.

Attention! The barbecue weighs between 350 and 2,500 kg depending on the model chosen. The set consists of 12-25 elements, some weighing 80-130 kg, moving the furnace on a car. No way!

We guarantee that we will deliver the barbecue to you in a complete set, with no defects and no flaws. If we find a marriage, we'll make a replacement.

As a barbecue furnace packed during delivery, photographs:

II. Delivery to other cities in Russia.

We're delivering barbecue to any city in Russia, by transport companies. We recommend that you use the services of the following companies:

  • Rural Lines. Use the calculator or call 8-800-100-80-00.
  • The transport company you're offering.

In order for you to enter the city, it is necessary:

  1. Contact our managers and get an account from us.
  2. 100 per cent barbecue + 1,000 roubles for transport costs
  3. Inform our manager of the contacts and address in Moscow of the mission(s) of your chosen transport company.
  4. Once you get paid, we'll get the barbecue to the warehouse of the transport company you selected, which will deliver the cargo to your designated address.

III. Barbecue and installation

We are mounting and installing a barbecue of furnaces in Moscow and Moscow province

  • The value of barbecue installation in the standard set is 15,000 roubles or 20% of the model. Interview setting, hinged and paid separately.
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