Гриль мангал Pira BR-45 Lux

Grill Mangall

The Russian Project represents a hot novel, a coal grill-mangall series BG from the Iterm production company.

The meat, the fish, the vegetables on the grill are the most delicious, useful and old way to cook!

The standard developed two models with different bars:


  • Grill...Mangal manufactured from combined steel stamps.
  • The main parts of the tantalum directly contacting the hot coals have been made from the hot steel and covered by a special heat wave, and the stainless steel work area
  • The maximum convenient adjustment of the height of bars with coals and air access plugs allows the temperature of the produce to be regulated.
  • The existence of an umbrella prevents the release of combustion products in the kitchen.

ATTENTION! When used in the room, sparks must be extinguished and the temperature of combustion products reduced into a separate ventilation system.

" Rousse Project " recommends the GN production system of Iterma.

Greel Mangall ITERMA BG-70
101,429 roubles.

Greel Mangall ITERMA BG-100

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