Беседка с мангалом

Nice Talk With The Mangall And The Barbecue

Построить беседку с мангалом не сильно тяжелее, чем простую деревянную беседку. Но зато эта конструкция позволит не только хорошо проводить время на природе, а еще и комфортно приготовить мясоPeople used to live in houses that were digging wood stoves. And it wasn't a luxury, it was a necessity. It is not now possible for everyone to build a structure that can accommodate the actual oven and fire it. In order to resolve this abusive inconsistency, you can think of a conversation with a manga. The well-built wooden structure can handle many of the hosts ' desires for recreation on nature and cooking.

Interview phases with mangall

Мангал создает внутри беседки особое настроение, которому не страшны даже сильные морозы и толстый слой снегаAs to how to make a chat from a tree at the site within a short time, the articles could read " , " . But there'll be one thing here: building a mangal. In order to understand how to organize the production process properly, it is better to deal with all stages of construction:

  1. The idea.
  2. Project development. Calculation of material requirements and procurement. Choice the necessary tools.
  3. Selection and cleaning of the area where the interview is planned.
  4. Transport of materials and tools to the construction site.
  5. Building the foundation. After that, it is necessary to wait until concrete details are completely dry.
  6. Preparing a place to build a mangal.Красивая деревянная беседка для дачи с мангалом, которая станет центральным местом для отдыха с друзьями и всей семьей Brick storage (if applicable) Manga brick)
  7. Construction of carcas, walls, floor laying.
  8. The ceiling and the roof.
  9. Building walls. Internal conversation. If necessary: glazing. If a mangal is planned inside a closed conversation, the ventilation system of the premises should be considered.
  10. Off-site construction: decorative stone, brick, bruce. You can also leave a wooden conversation in its original form.
  11. Landscape work: organization of the interview approach. Asphalt, stone, betoning the path to the construction.
  12. The landing of green saturation in the vicinity: clumbs, leans, trees, flowers are all that can cheer eyes and create a great view from the window of conversation.

Беседка с мангалом может выглядеть как несколько колон, на которых возвышается крыша. А под этой крышей виднеется кирпичный мангал Деревянная беседка, в которой сочетается современный стиль и нотки деревенской простоты Беседка как пристройка к дому Внешний вид беседки, сделанной из профилированного бруса

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