мяса, мангал для шашлыка


Мангал из металла своими рукамиThe favorite summer dish is shuffles. These juicy slices with crust crust and an appetite smooth are cooked by lowering pre-marinated meat on sharp bars - champuras, fried on hot coals on the bottom of the mangal. Mangal itself is usually a metal box with perforations for air circulation and a slight deepening on shampoo comfort walls.

Based on the dimensions, the manhals are divided into:

  • fixed;
  • - portable.

Stationary manners They're in the countryside. They are often made with the elements of the sheep, separated by a rock or placed on a brick basis. It adds to the appearance of aestheticity and exclusiveness.Стационарный мангал своими руками If the mangall is fitted with a hint or in a conversation, it is possible to make shoe and other dishes practically in any weather.

Transfers Used in the ashes, in the field. They are small sizes and weights. Frequently, such manhales form a metal suitcase.

The simplest model of portable manhal is two metal frames on which champuras are placed.Переносные мангалы The lack of small portable mangalls in the inability to produce a large number of shuffles at one time.

More complex but also heavier models can be complemented by a small sliding table, sludge adjustable plumbing. But such improved options have impressive weight, so they're much more comfortable in cars than handwriting.

If the metal thickness manhals are classified, the manhals shall be divided into:

  1. - Tinnocent;
  2. - fat.

Tongues usually make portable mangales. The steel of a small thickness makes it easier for models, but the design is durable. Only ready-to-mouth coals purchased at stores or pre-coded on a cat can be used in thin-sea manhals. If the coals are cooked directly in the metal box of the design, the steel will burn quickly and the mangall will be unsatisfactory.

Solid They usually make stationary models. This uses steel with a thickness of more than four millimetres. Such options are much more expensive, but the length of service is much greater than those of mangalls with thin walls.

Металлические мангалы Толстостенные мангалы Линия отреза бочки для создания мангала Металлический мангал из бочки

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