Проект барбекю - мангал

Barbecue Mangal Casan

On numerous requests from visitors, the site continues to publish maangala barbecue rites with casana stolish, Stonehenge. In this part, I complete the publication of the project and the modalities of a built and commissioned Mangal Barbecue with a casana stove. I believe that for many, it would be interesting to describe and practical advice on the installation of a slope-clothing opaque. The use of such a structure has increased the internal surfaces of the opaque collector, thus reducing the likelihood of turbulence and other effects that may result in simulation. In addition, such a smoke collector has a more aesthetic view.

In the third part of the article, the moangal barbecue champot futhers are used to protect the mangal ' s exposure to flames and to organize the gas threshold ( " smoke tooth " ).
The champot section of the gangala was painted from a full red ceramic brick. The bricks were planted on a glynopsy mixture. The marking ensures not only the aesthetic appearance of the manhal, but also:
Protecting people and protecting wings from exposure to heated bricks;
collection and disposal of combustion products formed in stoves of stoves Kanana and Mangal- Barbecue;
Formulation of a kitchen pet.

12. ♪ ♪ 14 series.
In 12..14, a number is stored according to the arrangement with a thermal dislocation from the champot of the Mangala Barbeca. The gas-discharge canal from the top of the stove is being formed, the foot on the rear wall for the storage of kitchen supplies and the five under the arch of the Mangal portal.

Ark sweet.
Arca is arranged by means of a circumferential circumferential diagram containing a puzzle and a locking plan for three central bricks forwarding 40 mm.

The stacking process, the design circumcised the video.

15 rows.

In this row, the Mangal Labelling continues. Cloths shall be placed on the side surface of the mangal on the side of the plate under the pores. Poles may be used to accommodate spices and other pets during the preparation of belts and other dishes in the casana.

The shape of the shelf in order is simplified. They actually have a more rounded form.

16. .22.
16..19. A number of times are routine.
Between 17 and 18, there is a stove for the casana.

A second layer of spice is installed in the 19th row.

23 rows.
There are bricks of fries.

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