мангал из металла своими


Mangal is the main attribute of the country's picnic and comfort day rest. This accessory is available at any supermarket tonight. Regrettably, almost all factory designs are made of thin metal, which is starting to deform and burn after the first " chassis season " .

It is not always considered by the creators and the heat box assembly system, which is uncomfortable and unreliable when used.

Knowing the problems of serial mangales, homemade masters prefer the heat of their own production. In addition to the impressive strength of improvised manhales, they allow the creators to show their full talent and creativity. It is for these reasons that we will consider in detail how Make a metal manhal. With your hands comfortable, strong and beautiful.

In addition to traditional designs, there are unique options among the self-propelled. Each of them, without problems, can be copied by stealing the original and useful heat installation.

Metal manhal design options

The simplest and lightest in the manufacture of mangall for bypass conditions are two P-shaped metal bars in the ground. They occupy a minimum seat in the backpack and are quickly placed in the “working situation”. The only disadvantage of this system is its low altitude.

It's not gonna be possible to put such a mangall at a safe level, because the fire is here on the ground. Otherwise, this design will make users more practical.

Classic metal manhal, a box of scissors, too, has the right to a walking life. It's the only way he's gonna have to be packed to reduce his dimensions.

To this end, window loops are most commonly used, setting them to the bottom and long side walls. The thorns of this heat shall be placed in the bottom tremors and placed above the side walls with chains.

The useful detail to be highlighted is the openings to control the heat height. Thanks to them, you don't have to burn the hots again.

If you think the fantasy of the improvents is exhausted by a banal hot box of holes, we'll be able to convince you.

Children ' s recollections of pirate battles gave the author the idea of the Mangala Sunduca with the treasures laid on the two athagan swords. Apart from the normal heat of the shoe, such a box with a lid can be used as a mini-coptile. This will require the construction of a small extraction pipe.


In fact, a cat is a win-win decoration of any heat. With her help, you can easily turn the skilled iron manhal into a real work of good art.

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