Мангал-барбекю со съемной

Mangall With The Roof

Undoubtedly, rest is the most pleasant time. The delicious and aromatic sausage in the mangall, the pleasant strangles with friends, the fresh air and the admirable nature around, all of which fuels positive, gives new strength and life inspiration.

An important condition is comfort and convenience, and that's the only way you can relax and enjoy. To that end, it is necessary to choose a strong and reliable manner in which you will be able and comfortable to cook. It's better to buy a mangall from the roof for the day. Typically, hotspots of this type are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable cooking process.

In our catalogue, you can choose a model with a curtain, a unique structure that will be a real decoration on your precinct and be an indispensable assistant in the culinary!

Mangal with the roof has some undeniable advantages. Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable, and it's very difficult to guess, which is why there are structures with a curtain.

What other benefits do they have?

  1. During the preparation of the dishes and kitchen appliances, garden debris, leaflets and precipitation will be safely protected.
  2. Mangal with the roof will protect you and your guests from the weather, and that's why you can rest anytime in the year. Understood, you can easily hide from the rain and the wind.
  3. Models with roofs have good smoke, which contributes to improving the quality of the food produced. It also speeds up their preparation.

Кирпичный мангал под навесом из карбонатаWhat should be the right mangall?

When you choose a mangall with a roof, it's worth drawing attention to a lot of nuances. Such an arrangement shall be equipped with all necessary facilities for easy cooking.

  • There's always rooms for dishes and wood in a good chapel.
  • It's important that the top be at a convenient height, at least. 75-90 cm.
  • The shape of the roof must be such that the water can flow fast, usually the function is jellyfish. A good option could be a three-stage form, water would flow, and smoke would not be flooded under the roof.
  • It will also be good if the construction of the hotbed involves the simultaneous preparation of coals and food.

If you decided to buy a metal Mangal under the hangMake sure his legs are stable. Otherwise, its operation may not be safe.

Where to buy?

In our store, you can afford to buy some mangalls with a rooftop from the producer, without a price and a commission. In our catalogue, you will find beautiful, bright and reliable models - each of them is a whole piece of art that can make a raisin and cloud any countryside!

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