Forester Manhal

Portable manga-netbook FORESTER BQ-911 is made of heat resistant steel and is used for cooking. The strength of the design shall be added by the rigid ribs and the bulb for coal. It's a bag of laundry for transport. Mangall The dynamometer is quickly placed in the working position and is not stored much.

Forester BQ-911 technical characteristics

Wall thickness, mm 0.7

Weight, kg 3.8

Selective yes

No roof

Steel hull material

Diarrhoids, mm 525x60x375

Parameters of packaged goods

Unit of goods:
Weight, kg: 4, 00
Diarrhoids, mm: 500 x 380 x 350


  • Russia is the homeland of the brand.
  • China - manufacturer country*
  • Producer information

* The manufacturer retains the right to change the composition and place of production of the goods without notifying the dealers!

This information is not a public offer


Rapid installation
The design of the portable Mangal-NetBuk FORESTER BQ-911 enables it to be easily and quickly brought to the working position.
Suitable storage
The kit includes a bag made of moisture material that provides for the smooth storage and transport of the mangal.
The thick walls (0.7 mm) shall withstand a high temperature. The rigidity ribs and the bulb shall ensure the strength of the design and the resistance to deformation.

Benefits Manga Forester BQ-911

  • Suitable transport;
  • Long term of service;
  • Distance from collar to shampoo level - 12 cm.

Forester service centres

Specially for your convenience, we have gathered all the necessary information relating to the maintenance of the tool and technology. Here, you will find the addresses of the licensed service centres located in your city (the settlement point is determined automatically or by your choice).

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