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Чертеж декоративного каминаIt's so nice to sit by the fire! Feel warm fire and enjoy a special atmosphere of comfort and appeasement. However, it is only in the private house to have a real wooden fireplace. How can we be high-rise houses? If you want to have a corner like this in the house, you need to draw attention to the decoration, combination of aesthetic with safety.

The decorative fireplace is simulated by the real. There is a lamp in the structure which produces the effect of the burning flame in the outskirt.Камин выполнен из гипсокартона The glacier glows the plastic lazy. The manifold portal is performed mainly from the MDF with the stripping of wood (dub, beech, red tree) or from a real stone (green or marble). In addition to these options, it is possible and less expensive to separate from the CPD.

A drawing is required for the construction of the decorative fire, as is the case for the device of the current location.

Декоративный камин из кирпичаThe decorative fireplaces are divided into interiors, such as purely aesthetic functions, and heating, equipped with electronic heaters that provide heat. In heating fires, plastic cells should not be used because they tend to deform during heating. It is recommended that heating resistant materials, for example, brick.

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If you'd like to know what other fireplaces are, you'll find "decorational." picturesand look at the pictures! Depending on the design, there are several types of fireplaces. The closed facilities do not occupy much space, but they can only be built during the construction of the house.Декоративный камин в интерьере Half-operated fire can be attached to the wall or placed inside the wall. Open fireplaces are central to the premises and are an intern. A decorative fire can stand at the wall or in the corner.

The most appropriate option for a multi-family house is an interior fireplace. So if you've stopped this decision, you should consider more detailed how to make the decorative fire on your own.

Such tools and materials should be developed for work:

  • The leaflet of the hipposcoartone is 1, 2 millimeter thick;
  • UD and a hypsocarton profile;
  • Metal cuttings;
  • Drelle and dubel;
  • suspension and level;
  • Box;
  • Perforated corner.
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