Проекты летние кухни с барбекю

Barbecue Mangal Projects With Hands

Красивая беседка с мангалом из дерева и кирпичаI wonder why a person gets more pleasure from making aromatic and delicious food or eating it in a family and friends company? Appetitive shuffle, greedy mushrooms, juicy steak, roasted in the golden potato, all these dishes bring memories of warm summer nights with the closest people. And you're gonna need some food to make. Manga or barbecue♪ It can be done with your hands.

What's the conversation with the mangall?

In presenting an ideal conversation in the head that will be comfortable and comfortable, and in keeping with all the notions of urine and quality, it is necessary to bear in mind a few simple requirements that it must meet:

  • Fire safety♪ First and foremost paragraph, which relates to fixed oven buildings. In order not to worry about the possible burning of material, it is necessary to build design in accordance with fire rules.
  • Convenience and comfort in operation.Деревянная беседка с печью The beggar must protect against the rain and the wind, be a safe shelter from direct sunlight, a place where time is needed, both in the middle of hot summer and under less favourable weather conditions.
  • Estetic appearance. Interviews must fit into the exterres of the building in harmony, combine with the common style of the house, look beautiful and natural.

How do you figure out how to build?

Village conversations are different:

  • Low cost
  • Accessibility of materials
  • Simple installation
  • Natural and ecological.

Беседка из металлических трубBut there is:

  • The environmental impacts are negative.
  • Lightly flammable without special treatment.

Metal interviews:

  • Needs no foundation.
  • Strong and reliable
  • Fireproof
  • Easy to handle and transport.

Their shortcomings:

  • Relative value
  • Inability to install themselves without welding equipment
  • Heating in the sun.

Каменная беседка

The advantages of stone conversations:

  • Extreme and attractive appearance
  • Simple comfort
  • Fire safety
  • Long term of service


  • High cost
  • Need to build a foundation.

How do you choose the type of liver?

Печь из базальта Глиняная печь своими руками Печь, облицованная натуральным камнем Схема строительства беседки

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