Mangala Scheme

Чертеж мангала из металла своими руками

How to make a metal manhal.

  1. Step 4. Last steps. When the design is assembled, in the side walls at 3 cm from the bottom, four to five cm drill is made to open the diameter of 2 to 3 cm in order to create the traction. The smaller the hole diameter, the smaller the distance between them.

This part of the work can be done before the main body of the mangal is welded, but before that, we have to make sure that all the counts are correctly made, to compare the sketches with measurements. Then the improvised mangall will not give up the products from the store and have the right size.

When the gangala's base is ready, you can brush your pens, supplement it with a dishonourable copy.

You can make a dishwasher for treason, they can be:

  • ?
  • flat.

In the second case, they're made in the form of an opening cap. It's a reliable option, you don't have to worry that Casan's gonna crash from the fortress. Make sure that the thickness of the treasury and the side walls hold its weight. A small amount of casan can be obtained for a thinly dishwasher.

The idea for a fixed device under the treasury can be taken from our photo, easy to make it with your hands, most importantly to choose the right thickness of the metal pouch.

Чертеж мангала из металла своими рукамиThe barbecue with his hands.

Pechi barbecue is complex, but it's the best solution for giving or a private place. They're providing a simplicity for the culinars and offering beautiful solutions for the site, especially the daisies.

The foundation of the construction is a stone hull with mangall and extraction, sometimes such constructions supplement a copythile, a place under the guise, and make a Russian oven. (Childs, sketches and designs of these facilities, as well as their device, you can find a photo and video on the Internet)

A copycatage requires a more thorough and accurate planning.

A brick copy is sensitive to atmospheric phenomena. Because of porosity, brick, drinks different smells, which are later mixed.

Alternatively, a metal closet-coptile can be built inside a brick design.

When a copy is made of iron, the optimal thickness of its walls is 3-4 mm. Such a copy, if you don't make a brick on one side, can move to another location. In winter, it can be taken from Dachi and put in a private house.

For Daci owners or a section in the city, the construction of a fixed furnace barbecue would solve many problems, create a recreational area in the garden and in the area.

Unlike the screaming band, this stove is much larger, it will be scattered.

  • Casan,
  • The oven,
  • The copy,
  • extract.
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