Печи и камины

Nice Fireplace

Встроенный камин в стенуFire is a symbol of home, light and life. He calms down, improves the aura of the premises, gives heat and sense of cozy. It turns out that, since ancient times, human life has depended on fire. Modern heating and lighting systems in the room have fully provided human and heat and light. But many owners of private homes and ordinary guests in apartments can't refuse to give themselves pleasure to spend the evening under the sound of a fire-fighting fire.

It could be both real potato and fake fireplaces. Photos and both confirm that the fireplace in the interior is a source of comfort heat. It's stylish, beautiful and accessible. If housing owners do not have the capacity to build a real fireplace, an electrical model can always be established. The market of modern fireplaces, accessories for them and sequential materials creates real masterpieces.

Камин на кухнеTypes of fireplace in modern house interior

Modern interfaces use coal, closed, semi-open (staffed), island (single) and even suspension, fixed and mobile. Dried stones are located in rooms of at least 20 m2.

The closed fireplace is located in the wall with smoke and fuel. Such a fireplace needs to be planned immediately during the construction phase. If the fireplace has already been constructed after the building of the space, it is worth giving priority to the enclosed stone. If it is located in the corner, the heat will be significantly lower. Sampling fires, mobiles, electricals will be used as a source of heat. They are treated periodically and, if necessary, removed.

Камин из дикого камня

How to place a fireplace in the interior.

The fireworks using fireplaces make it possible to select the most appropriate decoration fire. He's bound to be a center, an intern. Special attention must therefore be paid to the location and separation of the fireplace. Stone, brick, ceramic stove, tree, materials most commonly used for decorating.

Mostly designers and builders work with rocks like this:

  • Onx,
  • Boundary,
  • The shell,
  • Moro,
  • Herten,
  • Sandman,
  • limestone,
  • artificial stone.

For electrified fireplaces and fake fireplaces, they'll be equipped with niche from the hipposcoartone.

It must be remembered that the design portal should be placed in the central part of the premises. There are no fireplaces between the doors and the window, as this significantly reduces the efficiency of its work and can cause exhalation. The best place is the internal capital wall of the room.

Камин в стиле хай тек Классический камин Камин из дикого камня фото Современный фальш камин

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