Кирпичные конструкции печных

Brick-Cam Songs

Where do we start? Examples of liver functions

If you've decided that there's a brick oven in your house, it's the first thing to do with her appointment. At first glance, it's clear - the furnace has to be warm, but in reality, it can have many more tasks. Examples of what functions can be performed by the kiln.

  • 1. Split the whole house.♪ This is a very important task, and if the liver heating is essential to you, the heating capacity of the furnace must correspond to the area of the house. In a double-deck house, it's best to make a stove on two floors.
  • 2. Remove part of the house or be auxiliary (additional) heating element.
  • 3. To combine a heating function with cooking or cooking. Such a furnace is all known Sweden.
  • 4.отделка печи из кирпича Aesthetic and a little heating function. Of course it's a fireplace. The camina in the house is made for special atmosphere, cohabitation and status. The fireplace is bad.
  • 5. Camino. It's a device that combines the properties of the furnace and fire. The fire-fighting door and straight (year-old) walk from the fire-fighter resulted in additional stoves.облицовка печи плиткой The conditions in such a kiln are governed by a change in the plug.
  • 6. There are furnaces with leather. Practically any oven can be attached to this element.
  • 7. The knight is a whole liver complex that consists of separate aggregates: fire and furnace. This design has been used in barbecue garden complexes.
  • 8. Except for the house furnace, baths and streets♪ The size of the bonnet kiln is calculated from the volume of the steam.
  • 9. Gardens Barbecue complexes♪ All sorts, different. A very big subject.

кладка камина из кирпичаWho should trust the job?

Such an important part of your house, baths, gifts or any other room, like a brick oven, should trust an experienced professional. The stove, which will produce the stove, shall be well understood in the device of all the components of the design and shall have a good personal practice of stove work. I need him to understand when you explain it to him in words (or show a picture) what the furnace should be. Such a person, even if assigned to his master, performs all project work and undertakes technical tasks. Its direct responsibilities are detailed consultation, the establishment of a future furnace scheme or a full-fledged project, as well as the monitoring of all work from the mortgage to the first fire in the new liver.

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