Mangall From The Sky

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Exit to nature with family or friends is a favorite activity of the Russians who want to have a good time. Starting from the warm days of May, the season opens. Virtually before the first colds, and sometimes during the winter season, the horizons organize recreation on nature. A lot of people like to cook meat on open fire. According to those dishes, it's important not only to marinate meat properly, but to make it.Как правильно выбрать мангал? So how do you choose the mangall right?

We're cooking meat and vegetables.

How do you pick a game? It's interesting, so it's all right. We'll figure out what the mangall is different from the barbecue. Mangal is a metal box, often rectangular. In the lower part where the woods or coals are laid, there are openings for better combustion, although there are models without them. The main purpose is the preparation of meat, vegetables or combined meals on caps or bars.

Barbecue design is more complex. It reminds me of a deep shoe with a barrel. This device can be copied (in models with a lid), fed and fed. In this device, it is possible to change the heat distance to the cooking product by means of plugs, to regulate air flows.

The grill is designed as the barbecue, but all models are equipped with a lid.Мангал из нержавеющей стали Notice: these devices are produced not only by firewood and coal. They can be prepared for gas or electrical heaters.

Transport or stationary model?

To a tourist trip, to a fishing trip, to go to nature with friends or to a family, a portable mangall will be fine. Such a model differs as follows:

  • small size;
  • Light weight;
  • solid material (inertia steel).

In answering the question of how to choose the mangall of the warehouse, it must be understood that the details of the model are already collected. The tourist only remains to record them. The prefabricated manhal consists of separate parts and attachments. When you decide how to choose a mangale, don't forget that when you eat in portable models, heat loses faster. This is because of the thin walls and the gap between the design details.

чугунный мангал Выбираем размер мангала

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