Как сделать стационарный

Stationary Brick Mangall

Back in ancient times, it was the most important place in the house. It produced food, heat and protection. Thus, in our twenty-first century, a man seeks fire by building a brick mangla at the house or at the precinct. The barbecue inside the house should be pre-conceived by a pre-conceived plan for the installation of smokescreen, the preparation of foundations and other nuances to ensure that the accommodation is not filled with hare and smell of food.

The choice of the Mangal's location on the precinct.

You can buy a mangal for your station, order it. If we build a brick with your hands, then you're enjoying two things: pride in the design and production of delicious dishes in the fresh air, which will assess family members and your guests. Determining the location of the brick mangal, don't forget that it's a fixed design, so it should be built qualitatively for long years. Take into account such factors:
- the particulars of the relay;
- Landscape design;
The direction of the wind;
- Safety against other structures;
- proximity to the place of rest, so it's convenient to be able to produce the dishes prepared in such a beautiful structure.

Стационарный мангал из кирпича.

Distribute the places where the woods or coals will be stored, the ash, the special devices for the preparation of the meat plates.

If we build a brick with our hands, don't forget the hatch over the design, because it needs to be built at the construction stage.

Mangala size.

By choosing the main location of the brick and the other accessories, we shall determine its proportions. The project can be prepared on its own, if there is experience, or ordered by specialists. We're building a brick barbecue on a visual. It will make it much easier to calculate the size, flow of the main and separate material.

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