Чертеж мангала из бочки с

Metal Mangal Dimensions

Металлический мангалFor a 60x30x20 mongela, it is necessary to:

  • Size of iron 2-3 mm with a dimension of 60x60 cm;
  • Half-inch metal tubes;
  • Armatur rods Ø12 to 4 grand, approximately 80 cm long, for the manufacture of legs.

You'll need the tool:

  • A bulb with a cut circle;
  • Welding apparatus;
  • The drill and drilled on metal 4 mm and 8 mm.
  • Meter and pencil.

Металлический мангалMangal design

The metal mangal is a metal box with perforated walls, a width of 30 cm and a length of 60 cm or more, the size of the mangal depends on the volume of the simultaneous loaded shoe. A pipe length of 8 to 10 cm is cut to the bottom of the box. They contain legs, armoured bars, welded metal pans. If the legs are to be stable, we can double the bumps.

Design Mangalawhich makes it easy to transport him in the trunk of a car. Metals for manhales shall have a thickness of 2-3 mm, more thin metal from the lamp shall be deformed and burned, with a thickness of more than 3 mm, the design shall be too thick and heavy.

Mangal height traditionally does not exceed 25 to 30 cm, with ready-to-be coal having a sufficient height of 20 cm. In order to regulate the position of the shampoos above the coals, it can be carried out in the side walls of the tantalum with a depth of about 5 cm, which will allow the cap to be removed and lifted. In order to obtain air in the side walls, the mangal shall be performing openings of one or two rows.

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